Fusion Radiology offers Dental CBCT and Ultrasound scans

Why you should trust Fusion Radiology with your health, we provide Dental CBCT and Ultrasound scans performed by highly experienced NHS certified clinicians to provide the best services possible. Fusion Radiology has been rated ‘Good’ by CQC and has won the Central England Prestige Awards Winner, Radiology specialists of the year 2019.

All of our Radiologist are GMC/GDC registered which proves that their knowledge and skills are up to date and that they can practice safely and effectively. They are all based in the UK and are NHS consulted radiologist.

Another reason to trust Fusion Radiology, we provide quarterly audit to all of our clients with 10% of our reported scans are audited/second read to ensure that Fusion Radiology is complying with Quality Assurance and following governances purposes. Fusion Radiology also has a dedicated customer service and clinical query helpline team to answer any question and queries that you might have.

Dental CBCT imaging and reporting services

Fusion offers a competitive price for imaging and reporting services. We have UK NHS dental radiologists on our reporting panel, thanks to this we can offer a quicker turnaround time of 3-4 working days if needed and cheaper prices to competitor. Fusion Radiology is partnered up with multiple Dental imaging centre across the country to provide dental imaging service at an affordable price.

Ultrasound scan

Fusion Radiology provides a range of affordable private ultrasound scan which are performed by our experienced male and female NHS consultant clinicians in our Luton clinic and patient are met and greeted in a professional and friendly environment by our healthcare assistant. At Fusion we offer a range of extensive private ultrasound, specializing in MSK, gynaecology, Musculoskeletal ultrasound-guided injection, lumps and bumps with all of our health checks being done by our clinicians prior to the scan. The scan will take anywhere between 20-30 minutes and the patient will receive an instant feedback from our clinician with a written radiology report being sent within 24 hours and we can guide you for further treatment plan. We are able to accept patient that has GP referral or is self-referred.

Patients are able to skip long NHS waiting list and get their ultrasound scan done with Fusion Radiology as soon as possible. We provide affordable ultrasound scan (Including consultation and written report) for only £130 and guided injection starting from £200 and advanced procedure costing £250. All injections are performed by highly experienced advanced physiotherapist who are dual trained as a physiotherapist and musculoskeletal sonographer.

Another services provided is extensive Fertility ultrasound scan (including blood test)for women who would like to have a comprehensive look at their fertility.

For more information about our Dental CBCT and Ultrasound scans, contact us on 07763875191, 0‎1582249449 or email us on info@fusionhealthcare.co.uk

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