Fusion Radiology strives to ensure excellence in all the services that we offer- this is at the heart of everything that we do. Our ethos is underpinned by our core values, which are:

  • Adopting a patient centred approach;
  • Ensuring accountability for quality of our services;
  • Maintaining high standards of patient safety.

We strategically and collectively achieve our aims as an independent organisation through implementing the principles of Fusion Radiology clinical governance framework.

  1. Clinical Effectiveness
    • Fusion Radiology clinical governance framework is committed to ensuring our services are in line with best practice evidence-based guidelines, this includes RCR, GMC/GDC & NICE guidelines.
  2. Clinical Audits
    • Conducting regular audits for quality assurance purposes enables us to continuously evaluate various aspects of our service and implement improvements accordingly.
  3. Staff/ Radiologist Competency & Performance
    • All our employees undergo a rigorous recruitment process. We only employ individuals who can demonstrate evidence of their credentials & competencies, have their ID verified according to NHS Employment Check Standards, and successfully undergone an enhanced DBS & safeguarding training.
    • Reporting is undertaken by FRCR Consultant Radiologists, who have extensive experience in the NHS.
    • Radiologists' training is annually reviewed to ensure there is evidence of appraisals and revalidation. Radiologists continually receive feedback via discrepancy meeting and audit report.
  4. Clinical Risk Management
    • We encourage a culture of transparency in our organisation with stringent quality assurance measures in place: this is reflective in our internal policies, pertaining to managing reported discrepancies both clients and internally by analysing audit results, and also how to deal with urgent and unexpected findings.
  5. Managing Complaints
    • At Fusion Radiology we believe that any feedback is invaluable for us to continuously develop and improve the quality of our reporting and turnover time. Our complaints policy stipulates the processes to manage complaints effectively, allowing us reflect on our current practice and grow at all levels.
  6. Information Governance
    • All employed staff receive training, as part of induction, and annually thereafter, on how to manage data in line with GPDR guidance and NHS Data Protection and Security Toolkit policy. We also have policies in place to ensure sensitive and confidential data is handled in an appropriate, timely and secure manner.

For further information regarding Fusion Radiology Clinical governance : please email info@fusion-radiology.com, call : 01582249449 , text : 07828634357

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