The aim of this blog post is to briefly explain what radiology is and what it is used for; and ultimately what we do at Fusion Radiology.

Radiology is at the heart of providing accurate diagnosis of many conditions. Radiology is the medical imaging in which helps to manage, diagnose and treat a variety of diseases. A majority of the machinery and tools used to carry out these examination use radiation to help determine the prognosis.
There are a variety of imaging techniques in which we use to diagnose and monitor these conditions. In which you may already know by name. These include;

  • MR – Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • CT – Computerised Tomography
  • X-RAY

Here at Fusion Radiology we cover a vast majority of these radiology modalities. However we specialise in the following:

– Dental & ENT CBCT Scans
– Head/Neck, MRI & CT
– OPG X-Ray

We feel that it is important to focus on these areas as not many tele-radiology reporting companies focus on reporting these scans. The areas are often left neglected which is why we have the most qualified and experienced NHS consultant radiologists on our team who report our scans and bring the highest quality service.
We believe that radiology is an important aspect to the health industry and is ever-growing in terms of technology and accurate diagnostics.

Fusion would like to thank you for reading our short blog and hopefully thank you for choosing us to report your radiology services.

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