At Fusion Radiology, we offer an extensive range of pregnancy ultrasound scans, aimed at assisting you throughout your pregnancy. We are dedicated to high-quality pregnancy scan, corresponding consultations, and support throughout your pregnancy.  

The valuable combination of a thorough ultrasound scan and accompanying consultation can provide you with the information and assurance you need on your pregnancy. Our specialised clinicians will be able to provide you with valuable information on your baby and their health while assessing the stage of pregnancy. 

During the scan numerous images will be recorded of your baby, providing information on baby’s position, size, anatomy, etc. The consultation will provide an opportunity to discuss these findings in more detail and discuss any inquiries you have. 

You will also receive pictures of your baby from the scan, our clinicians will do their best to obtain clear pictures that you may take home with you. 

Our assurance scan is offered at 8-14 weeks and 16-24 weeks and can be combined with a consultation with one of our specialist clinicians to provide you with peace of mind regarding your pregnancy. 

Our viability/Reassurance scan is the first scan in pregnancy and allows visualisation of early anatomy, giving you the reassurance, you need.   

This scan will:  

  • Check baby’s heartbeat 
  • Assess the viability of the pregnancy 
  • Determine the number of foetuses  
  • Determine the date of pregnancy 
  • Provide details of baby’s movement, position, hands, feet, umbilical cord, and placenta, (subject to gestation and views.) 

At 16-24 weeks, the reassurance scan will also: 

  • Assess amniotic fluid 
  • Assess the baby’s size and provide measurements 

This scan provides assurance that the scan is continuing as expected.  

Price: £130 or £220 with consultation 

Our Gender/sexing scan is offered from 16 weeks and will determine the gender of your baby. Clinicians are unable to undertake gender scans any earlier than this stage of pregnancy as male and female genitalia are difficult to distinguish on ultrasound. 

The gender scan will: 

  • Determine the baby’s gender 
  • Check the foetal heart rate 
  • Check amniotic fluid 
  • Assess the baby’s growth 

Price: £150 

Our anomaly scan is offered from 20-24 weeks and takes a close look at your baby and uterus. This scan assesses the way in which the baby’s anatomy has developed from head to toe. 

The anomaly scan will: 

  • Assess the development of important structures including brain, face, spine, heart, stomach, bowel, and limbs 
  • Detect any major anatomical abnormalities 

This scan looks for a number of conditions but cannot identify everything that may be wrong. As such, additional testing, such as blood tests, may be valuable in conjunction with this scan. 

Price: £150 

We offer a 3D/4D imaging of your baby so you can have high quality pictures of your baby’s features. This scan utilises advanced ultrasound technology to produce these pictures and is a great and safe way of visualising your baby’s face and features.  

Price: £150 

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