CBCT scan (Cone beam computed tomography), as all diagnostic images, are prescribed mainly for three reasons: to assist in diagnosis, to assist in pre-surgical planning, and to assess the results of certain types of treatments or periodic evaluations (McDonald, 2011). The nature and progression of some diseases is such that diagnostic imaging ultimately could facilitate their identification and diagnosis. Diagnostic imaging is used most frequently in order to reveal pathology in areas of the human body that are not visible directly. In addition, diagnostic imaging is used to reveal features of a disease that may not be clear and may be crucial in its identification and progression.

Significant information about the disease in question may be revealed from its radiographic appearance. The analysis of a radiographic image (traditionally named radiographic interpretation) has a dual goal: the detailed review of the appearance of the diseased tissue in order to identify most or all of the features with which the pathological entity presents, and the review of the remainder of the tissues and structures included in the diagnostic image or the imaging volume in volumetric imaging, in order to rule out possible silent and, up to that point, incidental disease (Rege et al., 2012). Although dental professionals strive to meet both goals in all dental diagnostic images, this becomes rather crucial in cone beam imaging due to the novelty of the modality and the overall lack of familiarity with multiplanar imaging in the profession (Angelopoulos, 2008).

The image below shows what a sample CBCT scan report would look like including the scan images, referring clinician, date of scan and the report would be completed by our radiologist before being sent back to the referring clinician.

Image of what the sample CBCT report would look like

Fusion Radiology provides Dental CBCT scan reporting service by NHS Dental radiologists, for further information please email info@fusion-radiology.com, call 01582 249216, 07828634357



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